Posted by: MichelleChant | July 31, 2008


The last few months I have indulged in a long period of contemplation, bearing witness to the quiet growth occurring within.

Through teaching Chakradance, I entered a world of dreams, archetypes, and symbols with courage and mostly emotional calm – believe me, I did have my moments.

Doing something externally was not the answer. To let go of the past, I needed to journey deep within to the inner most corners of my soul.

Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, I underwent a magical process in the depths of my being. Eventually, I sprouted wings and soared like an eagle over formerly uncharted realms of knowledge.

I left the safety net of my naivity, and embraced the joys and sorrows of my life.

Over this past week I have been unwell and embraced the healing power of sleep.

I’ve been pushing myself too much over the last few months, and without ample rest, the cells of my body cannot function properly and my immune system is stretched to its limit.

The peace and quiet of sleep over this past week has been an interlude of tranquil recuperation. It has also allowed my soul to loosen its grip on my physical body and roam the spiritual universe to bring back the fruits of those experiences in the forms of amazing dreams, visions and plans for the future.

My path is becoming clearer, brighter.


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