Posted by: MichelleChant | August 11, 2008

Dreams come true

As I’m 8 months into the year, I thought I’d revisit my New Year’s Post and see how many of my wishes have come true …

So from my 100 wishes, these are the ones that have come true:

  1. My energy field is cleansed of all that I do not need
  2. That the decisions I make are right for me
  3. I am healthy – I eat nutritous and tasty foods
  4. I am fit – I practice pilates and work out every day
  5. Have a massage at least once a month
  6. To laugh more
  7. To dance more
  8. To meditate every day
  9. Surround myself with positively wonderful people
  10. Surround myself with beauty
  11. Inspiration becomes my constant companion  
  12. To forgive
  13. To reconnect with friends that may have drifted away
  14. To visit my friends interstate more regularly
  15. To host more dinner parties
  16. Spend more time in nature
  17. To enjoy the simple things in life
  18. Not to take things so personally
  19. Take more holidays
  20. Find a ‘home’ for Chakradance
  21. My Chakradance practice takes off in Canberra
  22. My Chakradance classes are full to capacity
  23. I find an exciting new job which is rewarding and challenging
  24. To work with fun, professional people who I respect and who respect me
  25. To speak at conferences around the country
  26. Learn yoga
  27. To try something new at least once a month
  28. Wonderful new experiences fill my life
  29. Do volunteer work
  30. Connect more with my neighbours
  31. We are kept safe from bushfires and natural disasters
  32. Marnie and Dennis have a healthy baby
  33. Natasha and Craig fall pregnant
  34. Jane gets an amazing job that she loves
  35. That Suzie finds an incredible place to live
  36. Dion’s business takes off and is successful
  37. The grass grows again


  1. You have a good start!

  2. You are such an inspiration! A wonderful list – so many things you can check off already!
    What a perfect inventory, yay for you!
    I need to get back into working out everyday, and/or yoga.

  3. How wonderful for you Michelle! You so deserve everything that you’ve wished for and wished for, for others.

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