Posted by: MichelleChant | August 31, 2008

Isn’t she beautiful

I snapped this pic of Trinity this morning … she is my familiar.

This gorgeous little dog, plunges the depths of my soul without fear. She instinctively knows me.




  1. Ooohhh she’s just gorgeous!

  2. Trinity is beautiful. And a very wise soul.
    hugs to you both

  3. What a beautiful girl! Reminds me a lot of my aunt’s Emma… they were constant companions, and when my aunt passed on last year, she and Emma’s ashes were scattered together at the same favourite walking spot that they shared…

    Thanks for posting this picture..and for the memories and thoughts of those two loved ones which it brought to me…


  4. Wow! She is a beautiful doggie! 🙂 She must be amazing to cuddle on the couch with after a long and tiresome day!! I know when I get home, no matter what kind of day I have my dogs are always their to greet me at the door, wagging their tails and wanting to lick my face! hehehe

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