Posted by: MichelleChant | September 2, 2008

What does being spiritual mean to you?

I opened up another little gem from the universe:

“Being spiritual means a good many things, Mich, and most of them are misunderstood by a good many people. So to clarify, here’s how I see “it” and you:

Being spiritual means seeing yourself as divine, not just of the divine; a creator, not just the created.

You needn’t be saved, forgiven, or fixed.

You’ve already changed the world, added to its brilliance, and done enough.

You’re there because in some long forgotten time, you already earned your wings.

Of course, there are still challenges. You wanted it this way. It’s part of your nature and they’ll serve to make you even greater. In spite of these, you are still a winner, you are among the relative few who have been so bold, and today is part of your victory lap.

From a long time fan – The Universe

Being spiritual is such a personal thing – it means different things to different people.

For me, its about living my life with as much integrity and passion possible. Its about how I deal, with not only the big stuff, but also the little things. Its about being true to myself, because if I can’t trust myself, why should anyone else? Its about taking responsibility. Its celebrating the little things. Its my joie de vivre.

So tell me, what does being spiritual mean to you?



  1. Peace, helping others, being in the moment. Too many to name.

    I am so glad you are back!

  2. being conscious. travelling slowly through the moments of the day, so i don’t miss anything (takes practice though!) being aware of & grateful for the gifts. taking care of others. meditation & prayer. connecting with others – like we are doing now 🙂

  3. What a wonderful letter from the universe! So loving, caring and accepting. I believe that is the true voice of the divine talking.

    Being spiritual to me is seeing what’s hidden to others and showing it to people like a rare flower to remind them, the Goddess is everywhere.

  4. mich,
    hello and thanks for the visit–
    Being spiritual is very personal but getting past the differences of opinions and beliefs brings us closer to the commanality which links us all on this journey.

    For me life is the process whereby the veils are slowly laid back–the onion is peeled, layer by layer until one is able to not take things for granted and live life with a passion without being sidetracked by the illusion of the reality and at the same time live the duality of that existence with boldness, integrity, tenacity, courage and honour.
    Aiming for infinity, laughing frequently and enjoying each moment between breaths is a start.
    take care
    For a plant to blossom it has to be nurtured

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