Posted by: MichelleChant | September 6, 2008

Hippy chick, or not …

Its been an interesting week.

As you all know, I’m a single gal, living in Canberra. I’m single by choice – I refuse to settle for something that is less than spectacular (I stole that one from Bridget Jones).

Anyway the dating scene here in Canberra provides a constant source of amusement for us single lasses.

When asked to describe myself, I say I’m a corporate gal by day, and a hippy chick by night, indulging a creative soul by writing, painting and dancing.

The hippy chick side seems to be fascinating to men … they ask me questions like … so does that mean you don’t shave your legs and underarms … or … does that mean you’re into open relationships … or (and this is one of my personal faves) … do you run around naked and howl at the moon?!

Seriously … and people wonder why I am still single.

Being a hippy chick is a state-of-mind for me … I’m a walking contradiction … to look at me I’m always immaculately groomed … my clothes, whilst not necessarily corporately conventional have an understated elegance about them … the hippy-chick reference really points to my spirituality … my beliefs … where my interests lay.

Being a hippy-chick to me means that I am spiritual, environmentally conscious, and love to explore the unconventional … it does not mean that I’m not into personal hygeine, I’m easy, or howl at the moon (ok I have to be honest here … I do howl at the moon sometimes).

So, how would you describe yourself?



  1. I love you, I love you, I love you!!!
    You are the Aussie version of the Canadian ME!

    (“I’m single by choice – I refuse to settle for something that is less than spectacular”) YES!!! Thank you for this!
    I don’t know about you, but after I turned 40, people (other than close friends who know me), stopped asking if I was “seeing anyone?”.
    I’m sure all my old Italian relatives have written me off as a lesbian by now, lol.
    And I don’t care.

    I’ve suffered, survived, and recovered from too many dysfunctional relationships, “to settle for anything less than spectacular” at this point in my life. I’d rather die alone with my cats and my windowsill herb garden.

    Continue being your authentic hippie-chick self (you are my inspiration, you know), and one day we’ll meet halfway around the world and dance naked under the full moon together!

  2. Oh,
    Definitely a hippie chick.
    and i DO NOT shave my legs or my pits,
    I recycle, I grow my own veggies, love the smell of patchouli and have been known to lay naked in the moonlight.
    But I never howl….
    unless of course provoked!

  3. Well I guess I fall into the hippie mould also. My husband thinks I’m a little bit strange, but after 28 yrs of marriage he is getting used to me and now just shakes his head at me! 🙂

    If I’m not making art I’m standing on my head, shopping in op shops, reading books on spirituality, chanting the mantra ‘om na ma shivaya’ (divinity resides within you) drinking organic free trade chai and yes, I love a full moon!

  4. Ok, so I admit it! I am a Hippie Chick too! hehehe. Single, kinda looking, but wont settle for a man who doesn’t meet the points on my list!! Plus my grandmother has it instilled in me that “men are like silverware, you use them, wash them, and put them in a drawer until you need them again”.

    Im a hippie at heart, and I DONT shave my arm pits or legs – no one questions me tho since im a guy! =P I dance in the moonlight, make my own body products, drink tea with my girlfriends until the wee hours of the morning, and celebrate nature.

    I love your hippiness!! =)

  5. I love the hippie element and yes, think most people who embrace this style of life and philosophy are so completely misunderstood. I think the fact that you have a balance between the left and the right shows you are very open-minded and evolved. No wonder finding your equal is a challenge! Don’t settle! You deserve the best.

  6. Given your definition, I must be a hippie-chick, too! I care deeply about the environment, about sustainability, organic food, caring for others the way we want to be cared for, living simply so that others may simply live, supporting awesome organizations like Heifer International and

    Viva la hippie-chix of all genders!

  7. I’ve been at the computer a lot today, and my eyes are tired, but I read this as “happy chick” until I got to the last paragraph! Also a state of mind!

    Found you on Carnal Zen. Nice to meet you!

  8. I completely relate to this. I have a balance too and my acquaintances would say that I was not a hippy chick, but close friends know that I am because it is a state of mind. An open mind ready to take in anything and everything. You are such an inspiration!

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