Posted by: MichelleChant | September 14, 2008

Pushing buttons

I’ve been drafting this post in my head all week … shall I write it … no … but I feel I should just get what I’m feeling out there.

Two people from my past have recently popped up around the edges of my life.

Now I didn’t have a particularly wonderful experience with either one.

The first I worked with and she was a walking disaster area … the woman had no ethics or integrity, and I found myself having to rescue every project she was involved with …. she also had a very nasty side to her. The second person puts themselves out there as an evolved spirtual being … but when it comes down to it they’re just like everyone else … insecure, and in this case a big dose of being immature and inexperienced in life, plus in my eyes … she’s faking it till she makes it.

Both these people make my blood boil. Both have made my life difficult. Both have made me feel like crap. So why, why do they reappear in my life just when I’ve got everything back on track?

Is the universe playing some kind of cruel joke on me? I thought all of this was behind me.

So I guess the universe is testing me … testing me to see how I’m going to handle it.

Each action they take is pushing my buttons … I want to stand up and fight and expose them for the fakes they are … but I also know that letting it eat away at me like this is not healthy … and thanks to a recent post by Michelle O’Neil the more I focus on the negative … that’s exactly what I attract.

So I’m taking back my power, and I’m breathing in love and breathing out joy.

I’m drawing on every ounce of interity in my body to say …. live and let live – your journey does not affect me – I send you peace, light, love and happiness.



  1. Yup, that’s got to be tough. Just when you think you’ve cleared out the toxicity – they come back to test you.
    We have to accept that others are allowed to live their lives as messily and irresponsibly as they choose. It shouldn’t affect us and that’s always been the hard part for me.

    Live and let live is a brilliant way to deal with it. We are not responsible and it has no reflection on our peace of mind.

    Go girl – take back your power. You’re far too awesome to be frustrated or thrown off track by wreckless people.

  2. Yep! The only thing we can ever do is clear up our own vibration, and take good care of ourselves. Not give negative people very much of our energy or time. Thanks for the linky love.

  3. I totally agree with you, let that light, love, peace, and happiness live in you and give that out to everyone you come in contact with. The way they live their life has nothing to do with the great person you are and they will be revealed for who they really are sooner or later. Are you going to be seeing these people on a daily basis?
    Take care,

  4. I’ve begun reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth again and was rereading the part about the pain body – how it feeds on negativity and seeks out negative thoughts and emotions. His advice: sit with those feelings and just allow them to be without desire to change them. See what they turn into. What I’ve been doing is saying, “Hello, pain body, you saucy little minx. What do you have to say to me today?” Of course, I don’t always recognize it right away. This may be unrelated to your experience with these 2 teachers of yours, but your post reminded me of my experience this week.

    Blessed be! Life is good.

  5. fantastic post! the same thing has been happening to me the past few weeks.. I thought I had dealt with some ‘friendships’ and moved on, but here they are back, pushing buttons. Me, allowing them to bring up anger and frustration in myself.

    I must remember to breathe in love & breathe out peace and to send these people the white light of Divine Love..
    but gawd, sometimes it is hard to do.

    thanks for your thoughts here!!

  6. Don’t think it’s suppose to be easy.
    Usually with myself, those who “push my buttons” are folks who have traits I have in myself that i don’t like.
    It’s this cosmic wake up call to either fix or lovingly accept.
    it’s in the breath

  7. this is so inspirational … its true isn’t it that when we feel negative, we attract more negativity … thank you for this reminder beautiful you, xo

  8. I’m glad I read your post before this evening! :o)

    I had to run up to the store (to get my glasses fixed), and had only wanted to be gone for a few minutes, because of my daughter having had surgery today…..

    anyway, my neighbour decided that she was going to go with me to get some milk… and she promised that was all she was going to get.

    So, I thought it would work out ok… and I told her I was only going to be there for about 10 minutes…. except that she took l-ooooo-n-g…

    At first I could feel all the frustration and well…I’ll be honest.. anger… coming out of me…. and then I remembered your post, and changed how I was thinking…

    and well…. it helped. :o)

    (Came home and found daughter relatively ok, except for a whole bunch of pain.. poor lamb)

  9. annnnnnd that’s what I call evolution 🙂 THe universe checked in to see if you were faking it till you make it and in the words of Michelle Oneil (who I also adore) you said “nope, sooooo not gonna”. It’s liberating when we realize happiness is a choice. XO

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