Posted by: MichelleChant | September 19, 2008

… stuck in the middle with you

Bees to the left of me

bombs to the right

here I am stuck in the middle with you

Wow, what a crazy day.

Our building went into lock-down this morning.

Probably the most bizzare event of the day was that a swarm of bees decided they wanted to take up residence in someone’s car in the carpark outside our building. And the bees were getting pretty insistent about it too! It was like they were in a steroid rage!

Not long after, we were told not to go outside, we noticed the police and other emergency services vehicles blocking off the street my office looks over. A suspicious package had been found outside Questacon, the national science and technology centre. Unfortunately there were 600 school children inside, and the poor little kids were locked in for over three hours. It didn’t take long for the rumours to start flying that a bomb had been found.

So it was lunchtime, and between the bees and the ‘bomb’, we weren’t going anywhere. So it got a little silly, and I started dancing around and singing, in an effort to ease the building tension in the office.

For some unknown reason, the tune Stuck in the Middle with You jumped into my head, and I started making up crazy lyrics.

Eventually a ranger arrived to ‘move the bees on’, and emergency services determined the bomb was not a bomb, and life could return to normal.

However, my antics remained with my colleagues for the rest of the day, and the song became a hit around the office … somehow I can feel an office karoke Christmas party being planned.



  1. Oh gosh that sounds stressful! I’m glad you relieved the tension! Good for you! Glad everything is ok too.

  2. Drama filled days need people like you Mich! Unbelievable that those cute little honey bees could cause so much trouble.

  3. omg – I am laughing so hard my stomach hurts. Even with the threat of danger and bee-warfare, I wish I’d have been there! Jusy to see you lighten up the mood with that song & dance must have been a blast. Yay for you!
    Yup, I definitely think there will be an encore request at your next office party!
    Now you’ve got me singing it – love your spirit!

  4. What a humorous way to lighten things up on an otherwise very stressful day! I now have that tune stuck in my head. How scary for those kids too…hopefully they’ll want to go on another field trip someday, and it will be much more fun. Glad you’re safe!

  5. I should say … the kids were unaware of what was happening … Questacon had launched a new show that day, so there were heaps of entertainers keeping them amused while all the drama was happening outside.

  6. How frightening! Glad it turned out okay.

  7. HAHAH Omg, I would have loved to be there to see your song and dance! Sounds like you would have did a most excellent job tho keeping the stress levels down!! I’m glad no one was stung, those bee’s can be trouble in groups! Keep dancing! xo

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