Posted by: MichelleChant | October 1, 2008

To mentor, or be tormented … that is the question!

Now I’m usually a pretty easy-going sort of gal.

At work, I’m laid-back but professional, and I’ve a strong work ethic. I’m supportive of my colleagues and fiercely loyal to them.

Currently I’m mentoring a colleague who’s transitioning from the private into the public sector. I remember when I did a few years ago, I found it a steep learning curve just getting used to the different culture, so I’m happy to try and smooth the way a little.

But of late, I’m feeling a little, well …. ARGH!

I find my patience is wearing thin, as my workload increases to pick up the slack.

Now I adore this colleague of mine, but well, I’m not seeing any improvement and I’m not sure what to do – do I persevere in hope that they will finally ‘get-it’, or do I cut them loose?

I’m perplexed … and incredibly frustrated!



  1. That sounds like a very uncomfortable situation for sure! If you’re not getting anything out of it and neither are they, perhaps you’re just not the right combo for each other?

  2. I always thought the mentoring gig was, well a sort of “lead from the front” deal. And the one being mentored had to either keep up, or fall out.
    It sounds however as though you have some set expectations that are not being met. That it’s pissing you off thatshe’s not where you think she ought to be.
    perhaps you need to sit back with some tea, and do some reflecting.
    Can she be where you think she should? are you the one to get her there? Are your expectations reasonable? All that fun stuff..
    I am sure with your levels of insight. it will all unfold the way it is suppose to!

  3. Just make sure you are lined up with Source energy, really in a good place, before you do any coaching of her. Otherwise it is just spinning your wheels. She may make it, or not, but if you are lined up, you will handle it with integrity. Realize this situation is, for you.

  4. How long have you been mentoring her? You will deal with this situation with grace and both yourself and this person will both be happy. It is a difficult situation! Good luck, I know you will do the right thing?

  5. Definatly doesnt sound like a good match if you are feeling this way… Hmmmm… I think Sorrow had some great advice 😉 My first instinct would be to end the mentoring relationship, I have little to no patience! heheheh

  6. Thanks everyone … you’ve no idea how much your comments have helped me!


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