Posted by: MichelleChant | October 9, 2008

A reading for miss*R

    Triple Goddess Tarot | No. 10 Womb of Potential

    Triple Goddess Tarot | No. 10 Womb of Potential

    How shall I begin my song in the blue night that is setting? In the great night my heart will go out; toward me the darkness comes, rattling; in the great night my heart will go out.

     –Papago Medicine Woman Chant

Soul Message: The wheel of life moves me toward expanded horizons. The sky appears wider, the mountains stand taller, and the space around me is vibrant with possibility. In the midst of life’s wild and quickly flowering currents, I remain centered, allowing the rainbow bridge of opportunity to connect me with my destiny.

Alchemy and Transformation: At this stage of initiation, the spiritual seeker confronts more and more subtle growth opportunities and challengers, in order that a more permeable and transparent ego identity can be forged beyond the confines of attachment and fear. This stage of life heralds a deep and abiding inner freedom

Awakening to the Archetype – The Rainbow Goddess: The Rainbow Goddess carries the potential to manifest in all spheres and in all circumstances. You are invited into the Womb of Potential where, like the Rainbow Goddess, you gestate your dreams. Hidden treasures within you are waiting to blossom.

Everyday Encounters: You are asked to open your heart and soul to the many opportunities that surround you each day. The wheel of fate is shifting and new values, concepts, and ideas are forming within. You may wish to take a class, rearrange your daily schedule, or branch out and do things you have been thinking about but have not taken the time for. It is not to your advantage to remain stuck in the same routines, fearing the significant changes looming on your horizon. Meet this wonderful opportunity with an open mind.

Nature’s Healers: Madia



  1. thanks tons xoxo you are a gem…

    funny, I was thinking of taking some workshops next year when they re-open and have just enrolled in yoga again.

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