Posted by: MichelleChant | October 12, 2008

When the sun shines

What a gorgeous weekend! The sun was shining and everyone was out riding and walking around the lake.

I walked around the whole lake today – around 8km – Trinity was in heaven.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and due to some rain, everything looked green and lush.

The local government is building an off leash area, which will allow the local dogs to play and socialise too, which is great because they took away the off-leash priveleges a few years ago (promising they were building a dog park) … and until now nothing had been done.

One of my favourite parts of the lake is the Gathering Place … its surrounded by totems and in the centre is a fire pit … there’s such a great energy there.

This evening, we went out again, although we only did a half circuit.

I also managed to catch up with some old work colleagues — who I adore — for lunch out at Pialigo today. After our culinary feast, we wandered around the garden centres getting ideas for our gardens. I bought a couple of plants which will hopefully brighten up the front entrance of my garden after having a huge, obstructive bush removed — I’ll take photos next weekend after I’ve had a chance to plant them.

At the end of the day, I was suprised to find out that I had walked 17 kms (don’t you love pedometers?). So tonight, I’m just going to treat my tired feet with a pedicure.

How was your weekend?

Trinity hanging at the gathering place

Trinity hanging at the gathering place



  1. the gathering place sounds fantastic! I bet it is a wonderful place to meditate. well done on the walk!!

  2. Gorgeous! We are now just heading into Fall as you are starting beautiful Spring. Both seasons alive with vibrant color! Trinity is so cute!

  3. What a lovely weekend you had and what a very cute dog!

    I can’t remember the weekend. It seems so long ago!

  4. i want to go to the Gathering Place!!! *jumps up and down* next time you go, take me with you! it looks amazing…

  5. I love the totems! Trinity is so pretty. Great name too!

  6. Ohhhh take me with you to the gathering place! hehehe

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