Posted by: MichelleChant | October 3, 2009

An attitude of gratitude

gratitudeWater symbolises the whole of potentiality – the source of all possible existence.

Mircea Eliade

It’s raining again today.

Huge drops are pounding the earth, thirsty for nourishment.

Water plays a huge part in our lives, and I’m not just talking about hydration of our bodies.

We use the properties of water to explore our emotional Self.

Not suprisingly, the element associated with the sacral chakra – and therefore our feminine energy – is water.

So as I sit here, listening to the rain falling outside, I reflect on the past 12 months.

Denise Linn says that our connection to water is primal, and the longing to yield ourselves to the comfort of her fluid form goes back to the beginnings of our individual lives and the on earth. We begin life in water and we are univerally drawn to its soothing, cleansing, healing andn joy-giving qualities.

I have released victim-thinking, explored my energy levels, assessed relationships, reframed my life experiences and have lived my life in gratitude.

Stepping into my power, I have let go of relationships that were emotionally draining or toxic. I have reframed my life, and viewed it from the positive and joyous instead of the negatives.

Gratitude has become a big part of my life, and now believe that it is the key to finding bliss.

So tell me … what are your grateful for today?


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