Posted by: MichelleChant | October 13, 2009

True friendship

HoldingHandsAs I sat at my desk today, a turned the page on my desk calendar to see this quote:

However rare true love is,
true friendship is rarer.


This quote struck a cord with me. I have not experienced true love, but I do feel blessed to have true friendship in my life.

The last twelve months has seen the close of a few friendships, some I thought were in my life forever.

As I’ve walked my spiritual path, some have joined me, and others have fallen away – threatened by the unknown or unfamiliar, I couldn’t say.

At first, I was hurt and confused, wondering if I had done anything to offend. But soon I realised that I’d reached a fork in the road, and I’d taken one direction, and my friends another.

As I’ve travelled down this path, I’ve opened to new friendships – fellow travellers on parellel  journeys.

I’ve met my true soul sisters, connected with a global community of incredible lightworkers, and forged friendships that are solid to the core.

A true friend is a rare being, and is to be cherished.

I count my blessings every day for the amazing women and men who grace my life.

So to my friends – and you know who you are – know that you are cherished and I love you.



  1. You ooze gentleness and lovelyness and your blog reflects that. Much success to you.


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