Posted by: MichelleChant | October 15, 2009

Letting go

Dandelions-Blowing-in-the-WindI was visiting Jamie over at  Wishcasting, and she asked a question:

What do you wish to let go?

I wish to let go of

self-sabotage and destructive behaviours

not getting caught up in things out of my control


As the fresh winds of Spring blow bring their cleansing energy, I invoke the the spirit of Spring to cleanse my Soul.

Initiation and awakening move the soul toward new pastures of experience: places I didn’t dare visit, situations I shied away from, inner stirrings I thought I should suppress.

The ability to rise above everyday restrictions of old routines and move upward toward the spacious imaginative mountaintop of new possibilities becomes the new theme in my life.

This is the time to break free: to be responsible and do no harm, while simultaneously meeting the void of the unknown with an open heart and wing.



  1. Yay to cleansing and to your beautiful open heart! Michelle, that which you wish for, i wish for you also.

  2. I think you picked the perfect picture for this.
    As Michelle wishes for herself, so I wish also.

  3. As Michelle wishes for herself I wish for her also!

  4. As MichelleChant wishes for herself so I too wish for her! May the winds of Spring delicately waft through and cleanse your Soul:)

  5. MICH,
    great to see that you have found that flow again–
    cyclic arrivals and departures!
    take care

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