Posted by: MichelleChant | November 6, 2009

You know you’re tired when

dreamstime_4309076What a day!

I didn’t realise how exhausted I was.

After crawling out of bed at some ungodly hour this morning, I had a shower and got dressed, slipped on my shoes and headed into the office for an early start.

At lunch time, I popped out to buy a sandwich. As I was walking to the cafe I happened to glance down at my feet.


I couldn’t believe what I saw: one brown shoe and one black shoe! How on earth did I manage that?

So I’m going to lie low this weekend, and rest.




  1. Giggle..wonderful post!! Don’t you love those days..yikes!! Have a restful weekend!! Sarah

  2. thank you so much for your comment at my blog. i had to laugh when i read this because someone i follow on twitter did the same thing yesterday…and posted a pic as proof. as Michelle wishes for herself (a restful weekend and beyond!), i wish for her also. 😉 hope you have a great weekend!

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