Posted by: MichelleChant | November 8, 2009

A reading for Kerry

Guardian of Crystals - Gaia

Hi Kerry,

I pulled a card from the Inner Child Cards for you. Your card is the Guardian of Crystals – Gaia: 

Both the Earth Crystal suit and Inner Child Cards end with Gaia, the gentle caretaker of planet Earth.

The Guardian of Crystals is a head of state, teacher, politician, lawyer, physician, or spiritual healer at the highest level-someone who holds a universal vision and a panoramic view of life.

In this card, Gaia holds the Earth sphere in her gentle hands, radiating warmth and nurturance.

She offers the wisdom of time, reminding us that there is a season for every divine purpose and a meaningful cycle for every earthly transformation.

She is the loving presence we may contact when we visit mountains, oceans, waterfalls, gardens, forests, meadows, and canyons.

Her greatest strength is felt when the Sun, in opposition to the Earth, moves through Cancer and the Earth travels through Capricorn.

When Gaia appears in your reading, be thankful for gift of life.

Treasure your deepest friendships.

Give gratitude to the parents and relatives who raised you and to the elders who inspire you with great visions of hope and the triumph of the human spirit.

Devote yourself to beautifying and enriching the land.

Get involved with recycling, gardening and planting trees.

Donate funds or volunteer your time to an environmental cause.

Visit a special nature sanctuary and explore the wisdom teachings that emanate from the heart and soul of the Earth.



  1. love it! Thank you Gaia and Michelle 🙂

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