Posted by: MichelleChant | January 24, 2011

I know you’re in there: in search of my inner-goddess

At my heaviest | Photo by Hilary Wardhaugh

Helloooooooooo ….

I can hear a tiny voice from the depths of my Soul a I am meditating. I reach deeper, and then I hear:

Is anybody out there? I’m trapped! Help me!!

At first I am confused, who is this? A little further into the meditation I realise it’s my inner-goddess.

“What’s wrong? How can I help?” I ask.

I’ve been trapped in this body for so long, stop punishing me. Please release me!

So its time. Over the coming months I will be writing about my weight-loss journey, and my quest for better health and vitality.

Now, as you may or may not know, I am a Soul Coach. I guide people on a journey of self-discovery to rediscover the sacredness of their lives, and to uncover their life’s purpose. As a Soul Coach, I’m also certified to deliver Denise Linn’s health and vitality program Unlock the secret Mysteries of Your Body.

So, its about time I put my money where my mouth is – put myself our there, and say to the world: It is time to unleash my inner-babe!

Increasingly I’ve been becoming more and more uncomfortable in my body. I cringe when I see photos of myself, get puffed walking up stairs, and am tired of the aches and pains I get from carrying all this weight around.

The journey began by jumping on the scales. When they didn’t collapse underneath me I peaked down …. OMG … are you ready people … my starting weight is 103.4 kg! Not healthy, seriously not healthy. So aside from coachingn myself through Denise’s health & vitality program, I have sought the help of a great naturopath, who is also helping me on the nutrition side of things.

I’m 156 cm tall (yeah, I’m a shorty), and reasonably small boned. According to Weight Watchers, my healthy weight range is between 49-61 kgs. So here’s my long-term weightloss goal:

To reach 60 kg by the end of 2011. 

There. I said it. It’s out there. I’m going to release 43.4 kg.

Today is Day 2 of a three day carb detox. The aim of the carb detox is to get rid of the sugar cravings. Its hard, but I’m persevering.

I’m drinking 2-3 litres of water each day. Sometimes I think that its not so much the water flushing out the toxins that helps to lose the weight, but all the running to and from the loo!

Oh, and I’m walking each day, usually around 6 km.

Tonight I’m sitting down to do Day 1 of the health and vitality program. My affirmation today is:

 My assessment of my body is not who I am!

Stay tuned to monitor my progress. And of course all constructive encouragement is welcomed.



  1. Hi Michelle,

    I think what you are doing is wonderful and I will be following closley, I will cheer you on, becasue you are doing what I desperatley need to do, and wish I could do. I am still fighting the demons that stop me.

    I wish you well on this journey you have started on,

    Blessed Be

    LunaBlue )o(

  2. Sweet LunaBlue ❤ thank you for your encouragement ❤ if I can do anything to help you, let me know. Mich.

  3. Hey Michelle, wow what an achievement to just start, I to feel like you and wish I could do it with you, I also have inner demons that seem to sabotage anything I try.

    You go girl, I will be following your progress and know that you will succeed 🙂 xxoo

  4. Mich, good on you for putting it out there – very brave. I wish you nothing but success along your journey!

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    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  6. You’re an inspiration!!! I love that you’re “releasing” and I too need to release. Thank you for being such a GODDESS and putting it out there!

  7. I’m going to give you a call in the next couple of days to sync schedules…. I need to do this!

    • Fantastic Bethany ❤ Can't wait ❤

  8. You are supported 🙂
    Way to go, and by sharing this you are helping so many, Thank You!

  9. Michelle!

    So amazing! love you to bits xox


  10. Good for you, Michelle! Cheering you on!!!
    With great love and hugs~~~

  11. THANKYOU Michelle, You have really inspired me.I have not been happy in my body for awhile,And deep down I know I CAN CHANGE IT.Did it before & can DO IT AGAIN..Love Ya ..E … Cant wait for ALL OUR NEW GODDESS BODIES…

  12. Woohoo ! What a great job you are doing. Your innergoddess is so great ! love you Eveline

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