Posted by: MichelleChant | January 25, 2011

A reading for Donna

A reading for Donna ~ Your card is Blossoming Spirit ~ I hope this resonantes with you goddess:

The spirit is life. The mind is the builder. The physical is the result. –Edgar Cayce

Soul Message: Earth, ourselves, Breathe and awaken, leaves are stirring, all things moving, new day coming, life renewing. –Pawnee Prayer

Alchemy and Transformation: Called the “visible face of God,” this “robe of light” comes to those who have become so familiar with the infinite power of love and wisdom in the universe that it has now merged with their inner being. Blossoming Spirit (The Hierophant) comes to heal any rigid beliefs or misuses of power exhibited by the Emporer, reminding humanity of the never ceasing need for unity of body, mind, and spirit. The power of the heart, the fourth chakra, has been activated, aligned, and utilized as the primary source of inspiration for the journey ahead. At this stage of initiation, the essence of the divine spark becomes available to all living beings, sparking the potential for bliss within the heart of humanity.

Awakening to the Archetype – Virgin of Light: The luminous core of all mani-festations is feminine in nature. Ultimately, the unseen face of the Goddess—sometimes detected in the imagery of sunlight filtered through the natraul landscapes of the arth—is offered as “the Light of the world.” The light of creation is born out of the spark of love embodied within the human being. Its source is the Great Mother Goddess.

Everyday Encounters: Each day there is a seed of inspiration seeking fertile ground to gestate and grow. These various inspirations and ideas are ready to be fulfilled within your life.


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