Posted by: MichelleChant | January 26, 2011

Learning to love my body

Well its Day 4 of my new life. I finished the 3-day carb detox yesterday, and I’m feeling pretty good. Actually, I feel great.

It’s true what they say. Complete a carb detox and your sugar cravings just disappear.

So what did I eat on my carb detox? I had six small protein meals a day. Here’s an example of what I ate:

  1. Breakfast – a poached egg and a slice of bacon
  2. Morning tea – a 65 gram tin of tuna or salmon
  3. Lunch – 100 grams of chicken breast
  4. Afternoon Tea – 100 grams of ham
  5. Dinner – a barramundi fillet (approx 100 grams)

The aim of the six small meals is to kick start your metabolism. And by eating every two to three hours, you don’t get hungry.

Make sure you drink between two to three litres of water each day, try to stay away from coffee, alcohol and other stimulants. I also drank lots of lemongrass & giner tea over this time. Aside from tasting great, its great for the digestion.

I feel thinner. I’ve lost all my bloating, so I also look visibly thinner.

Today I’m allowed to introduce complex carbohydrates into my eating plan. That means I can eat a slice of multi-grain bread, vegetables and salad.

My affirmation today is:

I love and accept my body, as it is splendid just as it is.

I’ve spent the day today examining my beliefs about my body. Some of these inner beliefs are empowering, but some have been having a very damaging effect on me. Food for thought …



  1. Keep up the good work lovely lady! xxx

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