Posted by: MichelleChant | January 31, 2011

Is this who I am?

I was standing in a luxurious tent. There was carpet over the sand floor. Sheer curtains fluttering in the breeze.

She appeared behind a curtain of shimmering, vibrant orange.

“This is who I am,” she said.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“You,” she said.

My inner-goddess danced behind the shimmering curtain … “dance”, she said.

I felt my body begin to move, and then I woke up.

I can feel the changes in my body. I can see them. There are changes.

This morning my top was hanging on me … a much larger body used to fill it out. My skin feels and looks hydrated, in fact its glowing.

I feel incredibly vibrant and radiant!

Trying to eat six small meals a day is proving challenging. I’ve spent so many years trying to eat as little as possible, that now that I have to eat more its hard. Sometimes I forget to eat. I used to be able to go an entire weekend without eating. You think I’d lose weight, but no, my body would go into famine mode and just pile it on.

A friend asked me on the weekend how I’m eating all that protein – mainly meat. I explained that 100 grams for main meals and between 50-100 grams for my ‘in-between meals’  really wasn’t all that much. Especially when you cut out those nasty carbs called simple carbohydratess. I haven’t had a potatoe, rice or pasta in over a week.  And the funny thing is, I’m not missing them.

I jumped on the scales yesterday and peaked down. My weight loss wasn’t quite what I was hoping for … I have lost a total of  2.5 kg … I know, I know that’s still pretty good, but that time of the month decided to interfere, so I’ll never really know my true first week’s weight loss.


I unconditionally accept my feelings about my body.



  1. It’s still impressive Michelle…. And the telling signs are more in how you’re feeling and what you’re noticing within yourself than the numbers you were given on the scales ❤ 2.5 kilos is a very good start!

    • Thanks Bethany – your support means a lot to me

  2. *claps* not for the weightloss, but for being able to stick at what you set out to do and as a result of your hard work see a weight loss. I was so excited for you.

    Simply brilliant…….2.5 is massive, you should be very very proud of yourself, it is a great achievement.

  3. You should be so proud of yourself Mich! You’re an inspiration!!

  4. Well done for even going through it all and reporting back in here. I’ll be watching you…but not in a stalker way; in an encouragement-like-way 😉

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